WaxiWraps Triple Pack

  • The Triple Pack is Waxiwraps best seller, so you’ve made a great choice!

  • The Triple pack is a great way to start, or add to, your Waxiwraps™ collection
  • Contains three Waxiwraps™: one large square 30 x 30cm, one medium square 20 x 20cm, and one small square 15 x 15cm.
  • Wherever you would use plastic wrap, you can use a Waxiwrap.
  • You will be able to wrap many of the following items in your Waxiwraps:

    * Wrapping an opened block of cheese
    * Covering a fresh salad in a bowl
    * Wrapping a sandwich for school or work lunches
    * Shaping over unused veggie pieces
    * Moulding over the top of a jar (great for gifts in jam jars or used coffee jars)
    * Folding around a snack such as a homemade muesli slice, carrot and cheese sticks, or cheese and crackers

  • Waxiwraps™ can be used for over 12 months, and at the end of their useful life you can put them in the garden compost, or even toss them into a fire to burn.
  • Instructions: Place Waxiwrap over/around item and shape using the warmth from your hands to mould to shape and provide a seal.
  • Note: Do not use Waxiwraps™ for meat wrapping or hot food dishes.
  • To clean simply wipe with damp cloth or wash in cold water with a dash of detergent; hang to dry in shade or place on dish rack.

    Beeswax: is sourced exclusively from Western Australian hives, which have one of the healthiest honey bee populations in the world. WA’s strict quarantine laws mean that our bees are unaffected by pests and diseases that affect other hives outside of WA, leaving our beeswax untainted by antibiotic or pesticide residue.

    Beeswax naturally contains traces of propolis which some people may be allergic to, generally those who are already allergic to honey or other bee products. If you have an allergy to bee stings there is no correlation to a propolis allergy and you shouldn’t have a problem with our products, however if you are unsure please check with your health professional.

    Dammar Resin: Waxiwraps exclusively use Dammar resin in Waxiwrap blend. 95% of the Dammar trees in the world are grown by farmers in South Java and Sumatra, Indonesia. Dammar resin harvesting has given control of the land to the farmers who own it and is a environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to the deforestation of the Javanese Rain-forest. Dammar resin is FDA approved for food storage, as a glazing agent, and as an additive in food. There are no known allergies or adverse reactions to Dammar resin.The Material Safety Data Sheet rates Dammar resin an excellent 1/5 in health issues, the same rating given to salt and beeswax.

    Many other beeswax fabric food wraps use Pine resin instead of Dammar resin. Pine resin can often cause allergic reactions in people and has a 2/5 rating by the Material Safety Data Sheet and is regarded as hazardous for import into USA and Canada. 

    Jojoba Oil: Waxiwraps use a small amount of  Australian Jojoba oil in its blend. Jojoba oil is a wax derived from the shrub Simmondsia chinensis. Jojoba oil is often used in cosmetics, skin lotions, and creams.

    Coconut oil: 100%  Australian coconut oil.

    If you have any concerns about our ingredients, or any allergies, please consult with your health professional before using Waxiwraps.