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  • My Humble Earth My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat
  • My Humble Earth My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat
  • My Humble Earth My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat
  • My Humble Earth My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat
  • My Humble Earth My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat
  • My Humble Earth My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat
  • My Humble Earth My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat

My Humble Earth Reusable Baking Mat

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If you’re looking for a parchment paper alternative to all of your cooking and baking needs, look no further than our extra large Silicone Baking Mat. These reusable baking mats create an even, non-stick surface and are perfect for baking, rolling and kneading dough, and general cooking. Plus, they are also hugely cost-effective and won’t harm the environment in the process.

  • FDA Certified Food Grade Silicone
  • BPA and Toxic Free
  • Non Stick
  • Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe
  • Extra Large Size: 40x50cm (just fold to fit any size baking tray)
  • Weight: 190g
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colour: Blue
  • Freeze and heat proof – can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 230°C


Reusable Silicone Baking Mat

Going low-waste in the kitchen may be daunting, but our reusable silicone baking mats are about to take your kitchen by storm! Our reusable baking mats are made from high-quality silicone, meaning your food will be free of any nasty, unwanted chemicals. Whatever your cooking needs, our silicone baking mats will provide an even, non-stick surface to ensure ease of use (especially the perfect, evenly cooked cookie!). Plus, they come printed with handy measurements to make your time in the kitchen even easier. If you’re tired of spending money on classic parchment paper, this baking paper alternative is a huge money-saver, and usually can be reused over 2000 times before even showing the first signs of wear and tear. Eco-friendly, cost effective, flexible, easy to use, and able to be used in pretty much any temperature - making the swap to our reusable baking mats is an easy choice.



What can I use my reusable baking mat for?

Anything and everything - take your pick! Anything you would usually use baking paper or aluminium foil for you can use our silicone baking mats for. Baking cookies, roasting veggies, cooking pizzas, whatever you like! You can also use it for mixing all of your baking ingredients on, as the handy straight and circular measurements mean you can get the perfect sized cookies or pie dough without having to dig those cookie cutters out of your kitchen drawer.

How do I clean my reusable baking mat?

The easiest way to clean your reusable baking mat is by scraping all the excess food off it, then placing in the sink with boiling water and some dish-washing detergent to remove the oil. Also dishwasher safe, however we find it takes up a lot of room in the dishwasher so the sink is an easier option. Hang dry over the drying rack or peg on the line.

Can I use the baking mats as a cutting board?

No, we do not recommend you use our reusable baking mats to cut anything on. Cutting on them can potentially damage them by slicing through the silicone, impacting their heatproof capabilities and resulting in them no longer being reusable. We recommend taking your food off the baking mat and cutting it on a cutting board or plate first.


Benefits Of Using A Silicone Reusable Baking Mat

  • Reusable - a one-off baking mat purchase means you’re pretty much set for many, many years. Say goodbye to aluminum foil and baking paper
  • Cost-effective - no more forking out hard-earned cash on parchment paper that will go straight into the bin
  • Oven Safe - can be used up to 230 Degrees Celsius and are free of BPA and any chemical nasties
  • Non-stick - absolutely nothing sticks to these reusable baking mats, making life so much easier when you’re busy in the kitchen
  • A flat, even service for cooking on, which means less burning or unwanted crispness to the bottoms of your cookies
  • Easy to clean - simply use some soap and boiling water to clean them and they will be good as new
  • Flexible and able to fit on any baking pan, you can either cut them to the size of your baking tray, or fold them in half.
  • Our high-quality silicone means the reusable baking mats can be used in the oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer without impacting food flavour or quality


Instructions - How to use your Silicone Baking Mat

We recommend initially washing your reusable baking mat so that it is fresh and ready for you.

To use our silicone baking mats, simply pop it on top of a baking tray and place the food you’d like to bake on top, the same as you would with baking paper or aluminium foil. After use, remove the reusable baking mat off the tray and scrape off all food residue. Wash your reusable baking mat with dish soap and boiling hot water. Then hang dry. You may put your reusable baking mat in the dishwasher, we find it is hard to clean this way as it takes up a lot of space. Soak the mat in boiling water if it is extra greasy.


Why is baking paper bad for the environment?

Did you know that parchment paper typically used for baking is first treated with an acid before being coated in silicone (or other non-stick materials)? Unfortunately baking or parchment paper isn’t recyclable due to all the food waste and grease contaminating it. It goes directly to landfill where it will have long-lasting detrimental impacts to the environment, and continue to cost our economy. Our reusable baking mats are a great alternative to this - they are pure, reusable silicone, and free of any unwanted chemicals. They are super flexible, and can be used for any of your baking needs.



Material: Food Grade Silicone
Size: 40x50cm
Weight: 190g
Shape: Rectangle
Colour: Blue
Operating temperature: -40°C to 230°C

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