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  • Let's Go Nature'al Let's Go Nature'al Reusable Coconut Cutlery Set
  • Let's Go Nature'al Let's Go Nature'al Reusable Coconut Cutlery Set
  • Let's Go Nature'al Let's Go Nature'al Reusable Coconut Cutlery Set
  • Let's Go Nature'al Let's Go Nature'al Reusable Coconut Cutlery Set
  • Let's Go Nature'al Let's Go Nature'al Reusable Coconut Cutlery Set

Let's Go Nature'al Reusable Coconut Cutlery Set

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Reusable Coconut Cutlery Set

  • Coconut Cutlery set made from sustainable hardwood Coconut wood.
  • Fine, smooth finish.
  • Better than Bamboo Cutlery in terms of sustainability of raw material, chemicals used, life of product and end of life aspect- see description below for more details.
  • No toxic coatings or sealants have been used on this cutlery. Unfortunately, wood products are sealed with toxic synthetic varnishes, commonly used in the industry and never disclosed.
  • Eco-friendly, Reusable and Compostable.
  • Suitable for hot & cold foods.
  • Conscious, minimal, plastic-free packaging.
  • Plastic-free, BPA free.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Size: 19cm/180mm/7.5″ (standard cutlery size).
  • Supervision recommended for children.
  • Coconut cutlery set contains standard size: 1 Coconut Fork + 1 Coconut Spoon + 1 Coconut Knife.



Carrying your own Reusables/Reusable Cutlery is one of the best options if you are going out or planning a takeaway meal.  Not just we minimise  our impact on the environment but we can be sure that, that reusable is good for our own health as well.

Plastic is neither good for us nor to the environment. Ocean Conservancy has listed Plastic Bags and Cutlery as the ” Most Deadly” debris to sea animals, birds and mammals as it gets mistaken for food.

Just by making some small changes in our habits and lifestyle, we can avoid single use plastic. Reusable cutlery can help us solve the plastic cutlery problem, a product that is so hard to recycle and majority of time ends up in landfill or our waterways.

Invest in good quality reusables, that are good for our own health and good for the environment, products that would last and help minimise our impact on this planet.

At Let’s go Nature’al, all reusables are free from toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and are made to last a long time.

Reusable Coconut cutlery set is made from Sustainable Hardwood Coconut. Light weight, easy to clean, plastic-free,  reusable and long-lasting- perfect as Camping Cutlery or as Travel Cutlery pack.

Coconut trees after 70 years of life stop yielding coconut and hence are cut down to make way for new trees. This raw material has been derived from a sustainable resource and hence no trees were cut specially for the making of this cutlery.

Why did we choose Coconut Cutlery over Bamboo Cutlery?

When we create and design products we look at all the aspects right from the source of raw material to manufacturing process used, if any chemicals are used in the cleaning or making of the products, durability of the product to end of life.

Our reason for choosing coconut wood for the making of reusable cutlery is:

  • Sustainable resource of  raw material: Coconut wood is harvested from old coconut trees that have been cut down after 70+ years of life (after they stop fruiting) to make way for new trees.  The raw material was already available and no trees were cut down specially to provide raw material for our product.  Bamboo even though it is fast growing, still has to be cut down specially for the making of bamboo products.
  • No Toxic chemical treatment used: Coconut is a hardwood and hence does not require any treatment to increase the shelf life of the product. On the other hand even though bamboo is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, being fresh wood requires treatment of toxic-chemicals like Formaldehyde  to increase the shelf life of the product. Also, it is safe for consumers to use.
  • Life of the Product: Coconut wood being hardwood offers longer life as compared to bamboo, thus justifying the resources that go into the making of the product.
  • End of Life: End of life both the coconut and bamboo cutlery are home compostable but since no toxic chemicals have been used in the product- it won’t leave any residue behind.



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